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General Counsel as Critical Ally

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If the general counsel is not a consistent face in the boardroom, and thereby limited in their ability to forge a credible relationship with the company’s board of directors, the directors should be alert to the absence and ask why.

Author: Veta T. Richardson is President
and Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)
Source: Ethisphere
Link: https://insights.ethisphere.com/wp-content/uploads/q1-2018-acc.pdf

Contested Visions: The Value of Systems Theory for Corporate Law

Activist investors have used the rhetoric of shareholder value as a cudgel to browbeat boards into selling assets, repurchasing shares, and cutting payroll and research and development to achieve short-term share price increases....

General Counsel as Risk Management Leader

It is almost a cliché now to say that the general counsel is also a risk manager. Risk management is top of the agenda for most general counsel. What does it mean to say that the general counsel is a risk manager? The answer depends on the general counsel’s role....

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